Pros and Cons (Part 1): Buying a New Car


New Car Buy New car buy. Every once in a while it comes time to buy another car, usually to replace an old one that has begun showing signs of imminent death. Most people will have to opt instead for buying a used car online. But the experience of buying a freshly minted automobile from

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How to tell when it’s time to sell your old car?


Scrap Car Dealers Scrap car dealers – As each year goes by, you might breathe a sigh of relief over the fact that your car made it through another year without completely breaking down. That doesn’t change the fact your vehicle is now one year closer to retirement. With each passing day, your beloved automobile’s

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The ultimate guide to sell your car


Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Car The ultimate guide to selling your car. If you are selling a car privately rather than through a dealer, you will probably make more money. In fact, word on the streets is that you can make up to three thousand more dollars if you sell a car on your

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Selling a car privately in Perth? Consider it!


Privately Sell Car Looking to privately sell car? No one would blame you for thinking that selling your old vehicle would be a cut and dry process, resulting in more money in the bank. Especially if that money is to be used at a later date for buying another vehicle. You know how what I

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What can I negotiate when buying a used car?


Negotiating Used Cars Negotiating used cars. Most people have to go through the struggle of buying a decent car which will get them from point A to point B. Unfortunately, the process is not a simple one. Let’s discuss haggling, the ability to bargain persistently for a lower price on the vehicle you want. Negotiating

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