What can I negotiate when buying a used car?

Negotiating Used Cars

Negotiating used cars. Most people have to go through the struggle of buying a decent car which will get them from point A to point B. Unfortunately, the process is not a simple one. Let’s discuss haggling, the ability to bargain persistently for a lower price on the vehicle you want.

Negotiating prices with seasoned salesmen is a serious skill that needs practice. It also helps to have confidence, but that probably comes with the practice. But it helps to know a few essentials before doing it for the first time. Now the question is who buys old cars for cash? Keep reading.

Negotiating Used Cars

 Here are 5 of those essentials.

5. Research

Doing plenty of research before-hand goes some way into giving the buyer a slight upper hand. As the phrase goes, knowledge is power. So finding as much information to fuel your knowledge can only be helpful and will even add to the much needed confidence you may or may not be lacking.

Of course, the seller thinks they have all the knowledge and will withhold any info that they think you could use to drive the price down. You can do the same, by not letting on how much you know.

4. Don’t give too much away

Auto seller will use anything to get the upper hand. And ultimately, the upper hand means selling the car at a price where they will make as much profit as possible. If you want to buy a vehicle on the same day, put on your poker face and don’t let on how eager you are, because a used car dealer will use that against you.

Negotiating Used Cars

3. Go to the dealer at the end of the month

Dealers have a quota to fill, and they usually need to get it filled by the end of the month. This is the best time to hit them up, as the likelihood that they are desperate to hit the quota is a lot higher, and you can use this to your advantage. Find the dealers who buy used cars for cash.

Also, try not to go in during the weekend. This is when everyone else is going there, raising the likelihood of the dealer not giving in to your negotiating. Earlier in the week will work more to your advantage.

2. Mention competitors prices

While haggling, it is good to bring up what other dealers are offering for the same vehicle. As long as it’s a lower price, of course. You can put a positive spin on it by suggesting that the only reason you are not buying your car at the cheaper dealer is because the one you are currently talking to is a local and you support local businesses on principal, but imply that you will be tempted to walk away anyway if you can’t get the price you want. Certainly, can bargain more cash for Holden or Toyota kind of brands.

Negotiating Used Cars

1. Be extremely friendly

Establishing a good and positive rapport will increase the chances of the dealer giving in to your amazing negotiating skills. They will like you and want to give you a deal that you like. So an easy, relaxed manner, and maybe some neutral and tasteful witty banter for good measure, will probably be an important weapon in your arsenal.

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