How to get the top money for the wrecked car?


So, your old or used vehicle has finally reached on its scrap stage. Or, perhaps its cost of repairs has increased significantly and you want to upgrade it. Whatever your intentions are, you will definitely want the best option to get most money for your wrecked car.

This post is relevant for anyone looking for a decent old, wrecked or junk car buyer. It will also increase your chance to get the most money for your junk automobile. Keep reading to have a look at your options for selling a wrecked vehicle. 

Insurance Companies

If your vehicle have been wrecked in a collision and declared as written off, you may be certainly looking to sell it. In such cases, insurance agencies often provide a settlement for the automobile. For insurance agencies this settlement is the highly profitable source of income. After acquiring such totalled automobiles they prefer to sell it at a profit to another source.

Auctions for salvage automobiles

These auctions serve as a middleman between the insurance agencies and salvage yards or auto recyclers. However, in some countries and states there are some constraints on who can sell an automobile at auction. The advantage of selling a vehicle at auctions is that you get a pool of potential buyers like auto recyclers and salvage yard dealers. These people willingly bid great value for vehicles to get the deal. This can help you get more money for your wheels that you might get from your insurance agent.

However, the disadvantages are that you will have to tow the automobile to the auction yourself. Beside this, you will have to organize the related documentation and also pay the auction fees.

Junk Yards or Auto Recyclers

When dealing with junk yard guys like Qld Wreckers, you don’t need to take the help of a middleman. As they are the end users like auto recyclers and salvage yards. They will purchase and wreck your vehicle in an ecologically safe way. Basically, their experts will wreck, drain toxic fluids, and remove the usable parts from your automobile.

The removed parts are sold to the buyers at reasonable rates. When it comes to the amount of money you will get, it will heavily depend on the weight of your vehicle.

The best thing about choosing this option is that you will be able to fetch more money than you would make at auction. 

Full Service Scrap Yards

These people are again end users like car recyclers. Thus, you will not need any intermediary to contact with them. Additionally, you will be able to make more cash for car by selling your wrecked wheels to them. It’s simply because these people dismantle vehicles and pull off all the useful components from them.

They sell those parts to dealerships, auto body shops, and garages at discounted rates. As a result, they maintain huge inventories of second hand components and accessories backed by warranty. On the other hand, vehicles are safely recycled and disposed after draining the harmful fluids and removing parts.

Haulers or Removal Companies

You can also consider hiring the scrap auto buyers who are simply haulers or tow companies. These are people who can assist you in towing your wrecked automobile to the end users. They will most likely charge you a substantial towing fee as well.

National Companies

Beside the above mentioned options there are national organizations that buy old automobile and then sell it to a wreck yard. You only need to do a little research on the Google and find a reliable National organisation. Basically, these organisations just act as middlemen and they never actually acquire a vehicle. However, they will charge you a certain amount of fees. 

In conclusion

If you are selling a junk automobile, it will have at least some valuable and useful parts. In such case, it won’t be worth selling your old Junker to a scrap yard dealer. Also, it won’t be wise to sell it to auction companies. This is because your scrap automobile won’t worth much money. And, auction organisations will also charge you some fees for selling your vehicle.

Therefore, it will be better to sell your old clunker to a local salvage car wrecking company. They will even dismantle your automobile and take it to a metals recycling facility. Thus, you will be able to fetch more money for your old ride when dealing with them.

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