After an accident, how much is your car worth?

People have car accidents all the time. They vary from horrific to tiny fender benders. It is safe to say that the latter is the most common. And if you have had an accident recently, it probably wasn’t huge. If it was, my condolences. But you will still be keen to know how much your car is worth now that it has been a little bit banged up. Who wouldn’t?

How accidents affect the worth of a vehicle

Until you had this collision or fender bender, your car was the trusty steed that effortlessly transported you to work and back every day. It even took you on a road trip every now and then. After the drama was over you had the vehicle repaired. Well done. But it has never been the same. Something just isn’t right anymore.

Or you didn’t have any repairs done and it is just a banged up and sad looking machine. Whatever your situation is, you will always be wondering how much you would be able to sell it for now that it has been damaged so badly. Read further to find out.

How bad was the accident?

This is probably the most defining factor of what your car can be valued at after a bang-up. It might seem like it is an open and shut question with a simple answer. In the case of a small collision that only broke a headlight. It would be safe to say that once repairs are done the damage to the vehicle’s value will be negligible if anything.

In the case of entire panes being dented beyond recognition, or suspension that has been broken. You can assume that your vehicle will take a serious value hit. Even if the panels have been repaired perfectly and you can’t notice a thing, the vehicle will have dropped in value substantially. It can lose up to thirty percent of its value.

When trying to sell the car is its new state as a repaired accident vehicle, you will find that a lot of people won’t buy it. And don’t think you can just lie about it because the repairs are so amazing. Major repairs leave evidence, and you will be caught.

What if repairs weren’t made?

Sometimes repairs aren’t worth the hassle. In the case of a repair that will cost the same amount as the car was worth when you bought it. You would be right. But sometimes it is worth it to get the vehicle repaired. It depends on where the damage is, what was damaged and what percent of the car was damaged.

If the engine or transmission has been damaged so much that they need replacement, you should just count your losses and sell the car to a salvaging yard. If the damage isn’t one of those things, but has affected over forty percent of the vehicle, the same thing applies. The vehicle drove its last Km. When you sell it you will probably only be able to sell it to a salvage yard and they won’t pay you much. Bad luck. Try contacting cash for scrap car services and you might get the fortune.

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How to Get Cash for Junk Cars?

Junk Cars Equal Money

Junk cars equal money. Nothing escapes the marches of time. Everything succumbs to accumulate wear and tear. A prime example of this terrible truth is the humble machine. Automobiles kick the bucket when the amount of repairs which need to be done to keep them running becomes more expensive than buying a new one.

That’s why everyone who owns a car has to eventually sell their car off at some point. If the automobile is so far gone, no-one wants to buy it, or it’s been in an accident and has been written off, then the word “sell” is replaced by “dispose of”. But the truth is you can combine both fun activities: selling and disposal can become one, by contacting a Cash for Cars Company. These guys will happily buy a vehicle which has reached the end of its life.

Junk Cars Equal Money

Sell your old Truck or Car

It doesn’t matter how completely messed up the vehicle is, it doesn’t matter whether it’s time that killed it, or whether it was totaled in a crash. It can still have a second life by way of salvageable parts, which there almost always are. Auto batteries are re-usable, the tyres may still be road worthy, and the transmissions can be refurbished. The list goes on.

In the rare event every single last component of the vehicle has had its day, all the metal of the machine can be recycled/re-used. So who is it that buys our junk vehicles?

Junk Car buyers

As mentioned before, one avenue for getting cash for junk cars is via junk car buyers. They buy the vehicles that no-one else will buy. The reason for this is they make money by recycling the vehicle in every way possible. They mine, old and dead vehicles for any auto parts that can be re-furbished. Then they sell them as used parts. They sell the rest as scrap metal. And they buy the automobile off you with cold hard cash.

A good Junk auto buying company will offer free quotes, and will even remove the vehicle from your property free of charge. Their team members tend to be very knowledgeable due to many accumulated years in the business, so you know that the expertise under their belt will make it so that when they look at your machine and give you a valuation based on how much they can get from it, it will be the best value you can get.

Junk Cars Equal Money

“CashIt – Cash for Cars Perth” is the solution for you!

Still wondering where to sell my junk car? Call CashIt at 08 9452 7906. If you have a scrap vehicle you would like to get rid of, and you’ll get cash for it! Junk cars equal money! The team at CashIt is extremely trained and have all the relevant qualifications to ensure the best service. It doesn’t matter what condition your 4×4 or truck is, they want it!

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