Pros and Cons (Part 1): Buying a New Car

New Car Buy

New car buy. Every once in a while it comes time to buy another car, usually to replace an old one that has begun showing signs of imminent death. Most people will have to opt instead for buying a used car online. But the experience of buying a freshly minted automobile from a dealership is a beautiful thing indeed.

New Car Buy

This is the classic tug of war between practicality and pleasure. It isn’t a decision to take lightly, as a potentially large amount of money is at stake. So it makes sense to really weigh up the pros and cons in relation to each possible decision. Here are some of the factors to keep in mind when deep in thought on this important conundrum.


New car smell

Used cars don’t have it. One of the many reasons you don’t have to spend as much cash for used cars. That smell is part of a special experience and any time a friend or relative buys a new car, the smell will trigger strong nostalgia for the magic moment when you yourself purchased a beautiful, brand new ride.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Another huge plus for buying brand new: the manufacturer’s warranty gives you a few years free for fixing problems. This could be anywhere from 3 to five years, or thirty thousand to one hundred thousand miles. Sleeping at night will be just a wee bit easier due to the decreased amount of car related stress.

Advanced features

Technology has been moving at break-neck speed for the last thirty or so years, and this has an impact on how cars age. Brand new cars can be shining examples of all the latest gadgetry that the automobile manufacturing industry has to offer, and getting on the ground floor with a brand new automobile will give you access to those delights.


Price depreciation

It’s the age old automobile related cliché: A brand new car is worth less the moment it is driven out the dealership gates. And the worst thing about it, is it’s true. Up to nine percent of your brand new automobile’s value can disappear in a puff of car exhaust in a matter of minutes. This increases to twenty percent after a year of ownership.

Higher insurance

If you are on the road, driving along and enjoying life as a brand new car owner, and you are suddenly in crash your car into a large tree, the cost of replacing the car will be a whole lot steeper than if it was a used car and insurance companies will charge higher premiums. So expect to have to shell out more for insurance if you insist on buying a new car.

New Car Buy

Jealous Neighbors

Tensions with your neighbors are already high, due to the fact that they aren’t as successful as you, and they are clearly envious of your amazing life. Buying a new car is just pouring gasoline onto the flames of jealousy. Be careful, and maybe invest in surveillance around your house just in case your neighbors are planning on vandalizing your property in a fit of jealous rage.

Buying a car and have questions? Feel free to consult the CashIt team and get it sorted today.

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