How to sell your car without spending a penny?

Sell Car Without Spending Money

Long gone are the days when a person looking to sell their car would go through the normal avenues of advertising on websites and newspapers. Similarly, they don’t sink any effort and time into making the vehicle presentable to prospective customers.

Customers who just turn up, kick a few tyres and leave. There is a new automobile selling scene in town, and it’s called the Cash for Old Cars scene.

Sell Car Without Spending Money

They are also known as car removal companies, junk car buyers, scrap car recyclers, auto wreckers, and the list goes on. They have become very popular as a means to exchange the old set of wheels for financial returns. Why is this? It could be a number of things.

One of the important and salient reasons for the runaway popularity of these “cash for cars” companies is the fact that it’s extremely convenient and quick. No extra time or money needs to be spent on getting the vehicle presentable or looking aesthetically pleasing to the eye. One just needs to make a phone call, or fill out a form on a web site.

The above fact means that this way of selling a vehicle is completely stress and hassle free. The only effort required comes in the form of giving a detailed description of the automobile in question. The reason why this is needed is because of the business model that these companies subscribe to. They mine vehicles for their valuable resources. By that I mean any re-usable components are removed. In fact added to their inventory to be sold as used auto parts.

So when describing the vehicle you are telling them about any damage the car has. This way they can give a rough estimate of how much money they can make out of it. That’ll give them enough to go on when figuring out how much they will buy it off you for.

The next step in this amazing process is having a team member from the business make their way over to your place of residence to have a detailed inspection of the vehicle. They can estimate the weight based on past experience of vehicles.

Are you worried about how you’re going to get the vehicle over to their yard in the event that the vehicle doesn’t go because of damage? This needn’t be a worry with most cash for cars companies. As most of them offer free auto removal. And once they have done that they give you cash for it. It couldn’t be an easier process to make.


If you live in the Perth area and you want to find a company like the ones described above. Don’t search any further because the answer is right here in the next sentence. Cashit is based in Perth and we are one of the best cash for cars companies around. Give us a call today.

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