Different ways to sell your unregistered car in Perth

If ever there was a daunting task, it would have to be selling a junk car that has no papers. But it needs to be done. Fixing it is not an option, as the cost of doing so will be more expensive than the vehicle is currently worth. You are better off just selling it. But there is that problem: the car has lost its title. Or more specifically, you have lost its title.

There are a few different options that are available to you. But you need to choose one sooner or later because leaving that car on your lawn or driveway is also not an option. One of the methods is to sell to a scrap metal recycling company, and another is to sell to a car removal company. Let us explore them further.


Selling to a Scrap Metal Recycling Company

Scrap metal companies buy old cars all the time. However, they evaluate a car’s value entirely by the weight of metal that a car has. This will mean that you won’t get much money for it. They will also want you to pay to get the car to their scrap metal yard.

Salvage Yards

These businesses go by different names. They can be called WA car removal firms or cash for cars Perth companies. They look at how old the car is, along with its make, model and condition. These firms are looking to salvage parts to be sold second hand. You will get more money from them than a scrap metal yard, and they often provide free removal in the case of removal companies.


Some garages in Perth will buy whole junk cars for a ready source of used parts, and then they will themselves sell the rest to a scrap metal yard. The deal is similar to salvage yards in Perth, except you have to provide transport of the vehicle yourself.

Part the Car out Yourself

This is a great way to do things if you yourself have a lot of space, technical expertise and the correct tools. You can then get to work dismantling the vehicle in question completely. The space will be handy to get this done, as you will need to have somewhere to put all the parts.

Dismantling a vehicle is difficult, and certain components, such as the engine, are incredibly heavy and need specialised equipment. It is more than likely that you won’t be able to choose this option as it is very difficult, time intensive, and you need to know what you are doing. If you don’t you stand the chance of ruining parts. It is, however, the most lucrative option.


The best option for most laypeople who want the most money but don’t have the means to do it themselves is to sell to a cash for car service. They will come to your house, pay you cash on the spot, and use their own removal equipment to take it off your property. Good luck in your endeavours and keep reading Cashit blogs.

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